Job Applications: Quick Tip #9

Quick Tip #9 Use numbers With a sea of letters, numbers jump off the page! Instead of writing, “Released many products for my company”, take the time to quantify how many products you released so that your resume reads “Released 300 products in 2 years to fulfill client’s requests.”  This simple change in wording showsContinue reading “Job Applications: Quick Tip #9”

Job Applications: Quick Tip #8

Quick Tip #8 Individualize Don’t be afraid to make your resume stand out, even if your skill set doesn’t fit the job application 100%. Remember, the hiring manager is hiring you, not your resume. If you volunteer or have extra certifications, make sure to include them on your resume. If you want to apply forContinue reading “Job Applications: Quick Tip #8”

Job Applications: Quick Tip # 7

Quick Tip #7 Customize As much as we would like to make the perfect, universal resume and submit it to every job post—that’s just not the case. To receive the best results, your resume should be tailored for each application (think section titles and order presented). Different applications require different focus areas; perhaps you areContinue reading “Job Applications: Quick Tip # 7”

Job Applications: Quick Tip #6

Quick Tip # 6 Proofread, proofread, and proofread again  No one likes mistakes. In fact, even minor spelling and grammatical errors are distracting to the reader. Data has shown that even if the content is truthful and solid, if the reader comes across too many grammar and spelling mistakes they will doubt the author’s authority.Continue reading “Job Applications: Quick Tip #6”

Job Applications: 5 Quick Tips

5 Quick Tips for Improving your Resume Everyone wants to stand out! In the article below, I go over 5 ways to quickly and effectively improve your resume so that you will stand out to recruiters. If you’re interested in improving your resume, contact or check out Quick tip #1 How many bulletContinue reading “Job Applications: 5 Quick Tips”

Job Applications: Quick Tip #5

Quick tip #5 Should I include an objective statement?  When submitting a resume it’s important to think about who will review your resume:  Talent acquisition: If the individual is a part of a talent acquisition team, you can guess they read multiple resumes a day for the same job post. Therefore, adding an objective statementContinue reading “Job Applications: Quick Tip #5”

Job Applications: Quick Tip #4

Quick tip #4 I don’t meet ALL the requirements!  That’s OK! A good rule of thumb is to apply for a job if you meet between 70-80% of the requirements. If you meet 100% of the requirements, you’re overqualified.  Why is that? A job posting is an overview of tasks that you may do onContinue reading “Job Applications: Quick Tip #4”

Job Applications: Quick Tip #3

Quick Tip #3 How long should a resume be? Unfortunately, there is no right answer. Every industry has their own expectations for length and format, which means applicants must do their research before they apply. However, if you are a young professional—less than 10 years of work experience—the suggested length is 1 page. The 1-pageContinue reading “Job Applications: Quick Tip #3”

Job Applications: Quick Tip #2

Quick Tip #2: The 10-second rule  Reviewers spend about 10 seconds scanning a resume before they decide if they want to read it. This process may seem unfair to the applicant, but some job postings can receive over 100 applications and it’s not feasible for the reviewer to read through every one. During these 10Continue reading “Job Applications: Quick Tip #2”

Job Applications: Quick Tip #1

Quick tip #1 How many bullet points should I have?  The question shouldn’t be “How many?”, the question should be “Where do you want your reviewers to look?”  Try it out yourself! Hold your resume about arms length away—Where do your eyes go? Naturally, they go to the section with the most bullet points. Therefore,Continue reading “Job Applications: Quick Tip #1”