Job Applications: Quick Tip # 7

Quick Tip #7 Customize

As much as we would like to make the perfect, universal resume and submit it to every job post—that’s just not the case. To receive the best results, your resume should be tailored for each application (think section titles and order presented). Different applications require different focus areas; perhaps you are applying to your dream job or your local volunteer chapter, it’s important to structure your resume to fit the requirements of the application. 

To tailor your resume, consider the set of skills the job post requires and use the keywords written in the application. For example, if the job post is looking for experience in the project management software Asana (and you have that experience!) make sure to include it in your resume. If applying to your local volunteer chapter, restructure your resume and consider adding section titles like Leadership or Volunteer experience rather than focusing on your chronological work experience. Additionally, if the post uses words like driven, fast-paced environment, or laser-focused use words such as quick-learner, focused, and driven in your resume. Don’t just copy the job post; but instead, carefully customize your resume to make yourself the ideal candidate. 

Include any common restructuring ideas in the comments below! 

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