Job Applications: Quick Tip #5

Quick tip #5 Should I include an objective statement? 

When submitting a resume it’s important to think about who will review your resume: 

  1. Talent acquisition: If the individual is a part of a talent acquisition team, you can guess they read multiple resumes a day for the same job post. Therefore, adding an objective statement that includes keywords from the job post and clearly states your goals will help you stand out among the sea of resumes. 
  1. Hiring manager: If you submit your resume directly to your potential manager, an objective statement may not add much value since they are more likely to focus on your relevant work experience. Future goals and career trajectory can be discussed during the in-person or virtual interview stages.

Additionally, it’s recommended to include an objective statement if you are new to the workforce. Many times recent graduates do not have much relevant work experience. Instead of adding irrelevant work experience to meet the 1-page minimum, including an effective and concise objective statement will help the reviewer understand what you’re looking for in a position and can help them place you in the desired roles.

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