Hi, I’m Christina

I’m a copy editor based in San Diego, CA and my goal as an editor is to help make your words shine.

As a trained scientist, I have come to value how important it is to have proper word choice, grammar, and organization when presenting data to an audience. Therefore, I enrolled in the Copyediting certificate program at UC San Diego to strengthen these skills and become more proficient as a copy editor.

I currently specialize in proofreading and editing personal statements and resumes; however, I’m open to other editing opportunities. As an editor, I do my best to deliver impeccable service and advice to ensure polished, presentable, and readable written materials. I believe a properly edited manuscript will add professionalism and power to any author’s voice, making them stand-out among their peers. 

I’m also interested in word choice and how language evolves over time. I’m currently learning Italian and enjoy finding the similarities between English and the Latin languages.

Fun Fact: There is no consensus on how to spell the word copy editor. Merriam Webster’s dictionary spells copy editor as 2 words, while the The Chicago Manual of Style spells copyeditor as 1 word.

Professional affiliations

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