Job Applications: Quick Tip #8

Quick Tip #8 Individualize

Don’t be afraid to make your resume stand out, even if your skill set doesn’t fit the job application 100%. Remember, the hiring manager is hiring you, not your resume. If you volunteer or have extra certifications, make sure to include them on your resume. If you want to apply for a leadership position but currently don’t have much leadership experience, include areas in your life where you have demonstrated this skill. Perhaps you’ve gained leadership experience by holding a chair position at a local nonprofit. Not only does volunteering make you stand out from the pool of candidates, it also provides talking points that allows the hiring manager to get to know you as a person and not just an employee. 

Additionally, if your goal is to switch careers but currently don’t work in a field that provides experience. Consider completing a certificate program or enrolling in classes through your local college or university. This experience will be relevant to include it on your resume and let you know if you enjoy doing that type of work. 

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