Interview the Industry: Quick Tip #1

Interview the Industry Quick Tip #1: Develop a host mentality

When attending a networking event for your industry, Amy Hudson, Realtor with CS Luxury Group at Keller Williams Realty, recommends having the Host Party Mentality. Arrive to the networking event on time and greet individuals as they come in. As you greet them, strike up a conversation to get them to talk about themselves and their industry. Remember, most people attending networking events are slightly nervous (it’s only human!), so being a friendly face and developing a comfortable and open environment for attendees as they walk in is imperative. 

A host of a party doesn’t just talk with one person the entire time, instead they make their rounds and greet many people at an event. Everyone at a networking event is there to make connections; therefore, the attendee will understand when you excuse yourself to develop connections with other guests. However, don’t introduce yourself for the sake of making introductions, it’s important to develop real connections with other attendees that will mutually benefit career advancement. 

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