College admission tips: Quick tip #3

Quick Tip #3: Why are you different? Nearly 135,000 freshman and transfer applicants applied to UCLA in 2019. Only 20,000 applicants were accepted. With an acceptance rate of 15%, it’s important to write an essay that makes you stand out if you want to be accepted into a competitive college. Realize that a reviewer readsContinue reading “College admission tips: Quick tip #3”

College admission tips: Quick tip # 2

Quick Tip # 2: Answer the prompt A common mistake applicants make during the college application process is not answering the essay prompt. Applicants apply to multiple colleges and as a result, tend to reuse essays to speed up the process. However, this is a mistake. Every college application has a unique essay prompt, andContinue reading “College admission tips: Quick tip # 2”

College admission tips: Quick tip #1

Quick Tip #1: Make it personal  Applicants are afraid to feel vulnerable, and therefore, write generic and boring college application essays. When writing your essay, make sure the reviewer understands who you are as both an academic and an individual. Your unique personality and goals make you memorable, and therefore, makes your application stand outContinue reading “College admission tips: Quick tip #1”