6 Reasons to Keep Your Resume Updated

You may be wondering “Why should I update my resume? I already have a job…” There are many reasons to keep your resume updated. In the article below, I go over 6 reasons why you should have your resume up-to-date that don’t involve job hunting! Check it out! After you finish reading the reasons and are interested in revamping your resume, contact edtingbychristina@gmail.com or check out editingbychristina.com

Reason #1 You get nominated for an award 

Most individuals are nominated for an award because they have achieved excellence in their field and made significant and observable changes. Therefore, make sure your resume is up-to-date to show that! Not only will the nomination committee need a list of your latest accomplishments, but when you are presented the award, a resume can provide a quick reference for the speaker who will read your accomplishments to the crowd.

Reason #2 You want to volunteer 

Nonprofits are looking for skilled volunteers to contribute to the success of their organization. Whether you have legal, marketing, writing, or social work experiences (just to name a few), make sure your resume is up-to-date when you apply to these volunteer positions so nonprofits can appropriately place you. People might just say “Oh it’s just volunteering”, but many nonprofits make huge impacts within their communities, and your specific set of specific skills can contribute to that impact!

Reason #3 You want to pick up extra work 

Even if you have a full-time job, there’s always the possibility to pick up new and exciting work opportunities. Therefore, always have an updated resume just in case these opportunities come your way. With an up-to-date resume you will seem professional and reliable since you can provide paperwork in a timely manner.

Reason #4 You want to ask for a promotion

By continuously updating your skills and responsibilities they will be on the top of your head when it comes to yearly reviews. It can be nerve-racking to ask for a promotion if you are unprepared, so having an updated resume will allow you to easily state all your accomplishments. This quick and accurate list will put you in a better position to negotiate a promotion and/or a pay increase.

Reason #5 The right job opportunity comes along 

Even If you are happy at your current job, it’s always a good idea to have your resume updated since you never know when the right opportunity might come along. Quickly submitting your resume to a potential employer allows you to be a competitive applicant and shows off your work experience, work ethic, and enthusiasm for the open position! Additionally, these opportunities allow you to be in a power position with your company and your potential new employer, which can open conversations about salary increase or title changes.  

Reason #6 You want to network  

When meeting like-minded peers it’s always a good idea to have an elevator pitch ready. Having your resume up-to-date allows you to prepare your pitch before you meet with potential clients, coworkers, or employers.

If interested in resume styling and proofreading contact me at editingbychristina@gmail.com or visit editingbychristina.com.

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