6 Ways to Improve Your Resume

Everyone wants to stand out! In the article below, I go over 6 ways to quickly and effectively improve your resume so that you will stand out to recruiters. If you’re interested in improving your resume, contact edtingbychristina@gmail.com or check out editingbychristina.com.

#1 Proofread No one likes mistakes. In fact, even minor spelling and grammatical errors will distract the reader. Data has shown that even if content is correct, if the reader comes across too many grammar and spelling mistakes they will doubt the author’s authority. A simple proofread of your resume before pressing submit will do wonders with helping you secure that dream job! If you’re unsure where to start, reach out to your local proofreading and copy editing company for help!

#2 Customize As much as we would like to make the perfect, universal resume and submit it to every job post—that’s just not the case. To receive the best results, every resume should be tailored to each job application. Your skill set doesn’t have to match the job description 100%, but your resume should be focused enough to demonstrate that you meet about 60% of the requested qualifications. To tailor your resume, use the keywords written in the job post. For example, if the job post is looking for experience in the project management software Asana (and you have that experience!) make sure to include it in your resume. Additionally, if the job post uses words like driven, fast-paced environment, or laser-focused use words such as quick-learner, focused, and driven in your resume. Don’t just copy the job post; but instead, carefully customize your resume to make yourself the ideal candidate.

#3 Use Active Voice Use active voice to take responsibility for the work you have accomplished. Usually, you don’t use “I” when writing resumes; therefore, you must rely on active voice to demonstrate the work you did in your previous roles and the future value you will bring to the new company. Additionally, active voice is clear and direct, while passive voice can be clunky and difficult for the hiring manager to read through.

#4 Skimability A resume shouldn’t include so much information that it’s difficult to read and it shouldn’t be filled with too much white space that it’s void of valuable information. Remember, keep it simple! Your finished resume should pass the skimability test: use a single font, a single font size*, a single color, and a basic layout in which bullet points are used appropriately and white space is added to provide “breathing room” or a pause for the hiring manager to think. 

*your name at the top of your resume should be a larger font size

#5 Individualize Don’t be afraid to make your resume stand out even if your skill set doesn’t 100% fit the job application. Remember, the hiring manager is hiring YOU, not your resume. If you volunteer or have extra certifications include those on your resume. For example, you’re interested in applying for a management position, but haven’t had any managerial experience at your current company. Perhaps you’ve held management or chair positions at a nonprofit you volunteer with that you know would be applicable for the current job. Not only does volunteering make you stand out from the pool of candidates, it provides talking points that allows the hiring manager to get to know you as a person and it demonstrates a skill set that isn’t present in your current role.

#6 Use Numbers With a sea of letters, numbers jump off the page! Instead of writing, “Released many products for my company,” take the time to quantify how many products you released so that your resume reads “Released 300 products in 2 years to fufill client’s requests.”  This simple change in wording shows the hiring manager you have verifiable accomplishments and have the ability to get projects finished. By quantifying your accomplishments it demonstrates the value you can add to a team, which allows you to be in a better position when negotiating title or salary with your new company.

If interested in improving your resume contact me
at editingbychristina@gmail.com or visit editingbychristina.com.

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