College Admission: Quick Tip #12

Quick Tip #12 Pretend you are the reviewer  

Is this the first time you’re writing a personal statement for college, graduate school, or medical school? If so, it can be overwhelming, which may result in writer’s block. If you’re not sure where to start, try reading example essays for your specific program. However, I’m not suggesting you read these essays for ideas—instead, read these essays as if you are the reviewer!

As the reviewer, ask yourself what you would like to know about the applicant. There are many ways to write an excellent personal statement, but there are just as many ways to write a poorly-written personal statement. As a reviewer try to make connections between well-written and poorly-written statements. For example, one student did a great job sharing her motivation to apply to medical school, while another student wrote negative comments about their teacher who gave them a low grade. 

Here are some things to look for as a reviewer:

  1. Is their story unique?
  2. Did the author explain their Why?
  3. Did the essay show growth? 
  4. Was the essay relatable?  
  5. Did the student answer the prompt?

Write down some questions that you think would be important and include them in the comments below! 

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