College Admission: Quick Tip #10

Quick Tip #10 Why this program?

You wrote a beautifully written essay. It was clear, concise, and unique. However, the reviewer still doesn’t understand why you applied to this program. The essay seemed vague—like it could’ve been submitted to any school. Out of the thousands of programs, there must be a reason you picked this one; therefore, it’s your job to let the reviewer know the Why. Consider writing your Why about 2-3 times within the essay, and then clearly state the Why in your conclusion. 

  1. After receiving a bachelor’s in English, Alyssa plans to pursue a master’s in linguistics. While completing her undergraduate degree, she enrolled in 4 years of Italian, 4 years of Roman mythology, and studied abroad in Italy for one year. These classes and experiences inspired her to pursue a deeper understanding of the Latin language; therefore, she decided that the Latin and Classical Humanities, MA at UMass Boston would be the perfect fit.
  1. Cori just received their bachelor’s in biology and plans to apply to business school in the fall. With a background in Biology, they plan to enter the biotech sphere and work in business management or venture capital. Therefore, the location of the school is important: both Boston and San Diego are biotech hubs and offer plenty of opportunities for career growth. Therefore, in the application they must clearly state that these programs offer the curriculum, the opportunities, and the connections needed that are pivotal for their career success within the biotech community.  
  1. While in high school Juan volunteered at his local city council. Inspired by how a single person can make a difference in their community, Juan decided to pursue a degree that would prepare him for a job in local city government. After a meeting with his guidance counselor, he discovered that UC Irvine offers a degree in Urban Studies. With this degree, Juan will learn how to foster an equitable, inclusive, and livable city, which will help him improve his community as a government worker.  

With these three examples, you can see why it is important to state your Why in your essay application. Make sure the reviewer knows what drives and what motivates you to pursue a higher degree and apply to this specific program. Write concisely to let the reviewers know how this specific program can help you achieve your goals.

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