College admission tips: Quick tip #3

Quick Tip #3: Why are you different?

Nearly 135,000 freshman and transfer applicants applied to UCLA in 2019. Only 20,000 applicants were accepted. With an acceptance rate of 15%, it’s important to write an essay that makes you stand out if you want to be accepted into a competitive college. Realize that a reviewer reads the same prompted essay from every applicant; therefore, convince the reviewer why you are the best applicant. Be honest with yourself, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Before writing the essay, think about all the events that have defined your life.  Did you overcome or are working to overcome a learning disability? Did you volunteer at a retirement home on the weekends? Did you have to work to support yourself or your family? Every story will be unique, but it’s important to share that story because these events made you into the person you are. By explaining why you are different from the other applicants, it will make you stand out among the crowd and most importantly, the reviewer. 

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