Word of the Week: Veracity

Veracity is a noun and is defined as the unwillingness to tell lies. First used in 1614, the word veracity is borrowed from the Latin word vērācitās and can be broken down into vērāx (truthful) and -itāt (state). Other words that derive from the Latin word verax (true) are verify (to establish the truth of) and verdict (a decision on a disputed issue). 

Today many medical and legal textbooks discuss the ethics of veracity. For example, an important ethical issue in the medical field is how to tell patients the truth before and after diagnosis. Additionally, in the 7 ethical principles in nursing, veracity is defined as being completely truthful with patients; nurses must not withhold the whole truth from clients even when it may lead to patient distress.

honest, integrity 

The nurse required veracity when speaking to her patient about their upcoming surgery. 

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