Word of the Week: Syrah

Syrah is defined as a grape whose skin has a dark blue to bluish-black color that was originally grown in the northern valley of the Rhone and is now widely grown throughout the world. The grape is known for its fruity and peppery aromatic profile and tannic mouthfeel. 

Although the Syrah grape originates from France the origin of the word is still disputed. Some believe that the word Syrah was given to the grape by the Romans after the Sicilian city Syracuse, while others state that the word Syrah is named after the Iranian city of Shiraz. 

Since Syrah is known for its bold flavor, consider pairing this wine with pungent foods such as blue cheese or fragrant herbs such as lavender, fennel, or thyme. In fact, next time you set up a charcuterie board with a nice bottle of Syrah, perhaps pair it with the French cheese Roquefort or the Italian cheese Gorgonzola. Santé!

“Syrah,” Merriam-Webster

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