Word of the Week: Champagne

Champagne is a white sparkling wine made in the old province of Champagne, France. Champagne is primarily made from the grapes Pinot noir and Pinot meunier, and is one of the most popular sparkling wines in the US.  

The sparkling wine Champagne is named after the Champagne region of France. In fact, many European Union laws reserve the term “Champagne” only for wines that come from the Champagne region. The word Champagne derives from the Latin word campania meaning countryside. This term was given to the Champagne region by the Romans, around 400 A.D., who inhabited the regions and planted the first vineyards. 

In the US, Champagne bottles are usually theatrically popped during celebrations such as graduation or weddings. This sparkling wine pairs well with hard, salty cheeses such as the English Cheddar or the Dutch cheese Gouda. Cheers!

History of Champagne

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