Word of the Week: Sangiovese

Sangiovese is a red wine grape that originates in Italy. Today, it is the most grown red wine grape in Tuscany, but the grape originated from Southern Italy in the regions of Calabria and Sicily. The word Sangiovese derives its name from the Latin sanguis Jovis or “the blood of Jupiter’” due to its dark purple color. 

The grape dates back to the time of Etruscan and Roman wine making, but the first documented use of the term Sangiovese dates back to 1590 by Giovanvettorio Soderini, an Italian agronomist. However, the term Sangioevese was probably given to the dark purple grapes by monks in the nearby region of Emilia-Romagna, north-east of Tuscany. 

Today, the Sangiovese grape is used to make many types of Chianti, which is any wine produced in the Chianti region of central Tuscany. It pairs well with tomatoes, such as tomato-based pasta and pizza sauces. So the next time you sit down with a big bowl of pasta, pour yourself a nice glass of Chianti and Enjoy! 

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Lets Talk About SANGIOVESE – What you need to know about this POPULAR grape

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