Letter of Recommendation: Quick Tip #5

Quick Tip #5 The Thank you and the Follow-up 

The most important email you can send during letter of recommendation (LOR) season is the thank you email. Your LOR writer wrote an incredible letter to help you achieve your career and personal goals; therefore, it’s recommended that within a week of submission you deliver a thank you note by email or in a handwritten letter. 

The second most important and also the most commonly missed email is the follow-up email. After application submission, sometimes it can take weeks or months to hear back from the school or job. Whether you receive good news or bad news, it’s important to keep your LOR writer in the loop. If you’re applying to multiple schools, send the follow-up email after you made your final decision. In the follow-up email, thank them again and let them know your future academic path and goals. 
These thank you notes and follow-up emails are professional and let you keep in touch with your LOR writers since they may need to write you another one in the future.

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