Letter of Recommendations: Quick Tip #4

Quick Tip # 4 They decline or do not reply to your request

Unfortunately, sometimes a letter of recommendation (LOR) writer isn’t able to or won’t submit a letter on your behalf. If this occurs, accept their answer and thank them for considering your request. Although you may be disappointed, don’t pressure them to explain why they declined. LOR season is hectic, and perhaps, they are already committed to other students or they don’t have the time to write one. 

Sometimes a potential LOR writer misses your request. If this occurs, send a polite follow-up email about 5-7 days after the initial request. If there is no response to your follow-up email, don’t continue sending unanswered emails. Instead, refer to your LOR chart in Quick Tip #1 and ask your next potential recommender for a letter. 

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