Letter of Recommendations: Quick Tip #3

Quick Tip #3 The Ask

Now that you have completed your list of requirements and have an idea of who you’d like to write your letter of recommendation (LOR): It’s time to make The Ask! 

Nowadays, most students ask over email or in-person; however, there are many reasons it’s recommended to ask for a LOR by email:

  1. You can write a well-written message without nerves getting in the way 
  2. The Ask and Response will be in writing and dated (not just a verbal agreement)
  3. Prevents the recommender from being put on the spot and gives them time to reply 

Application season is hectic, and if you don’t ask in a timely manner, commonly asked letter writers may have already committed to other students or no longer have the time to write a strong letter. Therefore, it’s best to ask potential recommenders at least 30-40 days before the submission deadline. 

What to include in The Ask:

  1. Due dates & # of schools 
  2. Updated resume
  3. Latest draft of the personal statement 
  4. Work that you have done for the professor or teacher (e.g., essays, projects, papers)
  5. Potential meeting to discuss strengths and focus areas for the LOR 

Recommendation letters are great qualitative pieces that provide a deeper insight to your strengths and capabilities separate from quantitative pieces. Therefore, prepare your letter writers to successfully highlight your achievements and character when writing your LOR.

Below, comment what you think would be beneficial for your reviewer to know before the LOR is due!

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