Letter of Recommendations: Quick Tip #2

Quick Tip #2 Who should you ask to be your recommender?

Reviewers read hundreds of letters of recommendations (LOR) during the review process. Therefore, it’s important to submit a strong LOR with your application. To get the best letter, reach out to mentors that you have worked with directly. It’s more advantageous to submit a letter from someone who personally knows you than to try to get a well-known individual to write you a less personal letter. Recommendation letters are a great qualitative piece of information that provides your reviewer a deeper insight to your strengths and goals separate from test scores. Therefore, reach out to mentors that understand your strengths and abilities and can support them with personal stories. Personal letters will enhance, tie together your application, and provide context to your capabilities and strengths as a student and an individual. 

Many schools require LORs from multiple mentors or teachers; for this reason, it’s important to develop relationships with potential letter writers prior to the LOR season. To develop these relationships, attend your teacher’s study hall or your professor’s office hours. Attendance can be as easy as asking for help with difficult questions on your assignments or reviewing certain challenging topics discussed in that week’s class. Attending weekly study sessions will allow you to build rapport with multiple teachers and increase your chances in securing a LOR during application season. Also, attending office hours or study hall sessions will improve your understanding of the topics in the class, which will benefit you in your academic career. If you have other ways of developing rapport with potential letter writers, let me know in the comments!

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