Letter of Recommendations: Quick Tip #1

Quick Tip # 1 Write down each school’s requirements 

Recommendation letters are great qualitative pieces that provide your reviewer a deeper insight to your strengths and goals separate from grades and test scores. For these reasons, it’s important to prepare and carefully choose the best person to write your letter of recommendation (LOR). Before contacting potential recommenders, I suggest writing down the LOR requirements for each school. These simple steps will save you time and prevent unneeded stress during the LOR process. Below, I included a LOR chart that should help you get started:

Every school has its own preferences when it comes to LORs: some schools require letters from teachers in different subjects, a current teacher, or even a counselor. Therefore, organize and fill out your list prior to asking any recommender. Your list should include the school’s name, due dates, # of letters needed, and potential or confirmed letter writers. In the notes section, consider including submission links or the school’s address (if the LOR must be sent by snail mail). By taking time to note the requirements of each school, you will be better prepared and excited during the LOR process! If you think additional boxes should be included in the LOR chart, comment your ideas below!

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