College Admission: Quick Tip #11

Quick Tip #11 Read your essay out loud

An easy and great way to edit an essay as a native speaker (and for some non-native speakers too!) is to read your essay out loud. It’s easy to miss errors when silently reading because your brain automatically corrects them. By reading out loud, you force your brain to absorb the information in a new way, which makes you more aware of grammar mistakes and convoluted sentences.

Before you start, grab a pen and print out your essay. While reading out loud, speak at a moderate pace and as you say each word, note any inconsistencies within the text. Since it’s a lot easier to hear if something doesn’t sound right rather than to read it, you will be more likely to notice a missed word or a forgotten “s”.

After you read your essay out loud, ask a friend to read it out loud. By listening to someone else read your essay, you will notice when they stumble over sentences, which may indicate that these sentences need revision. As you listen, note the tone of your essay and the feeling you get as they read it. Do you feel inspired or do you think the essay is missing something? This is also a great opportunity to ask your friend for constructive feedback and what they think might need to be included or removed. 

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