Word of the Week: Winsome

Winsome is an adjective, or can be used as an adverb, winsomely and is defined as charming in a childlike or naive way. Today’s modern spelling of winsome was first used in 12th century England; however, before the 12th century the word winsome was spelt wynsum and had the same meaning. The Old English word wynsum can be broken down into wynn (pleasure) + -sum (some, a group of). Although it’s commonly assumed that the word winsome and the word win derive from the same word, win derives from the Old English winnan (to labor, strive) and winsome, as previously mentioned, derives from Old English word wynn (pleasure). However, if you go farther back in the etymology, both wynn and winnan are related to the Latin word venus (charm). 

Cheerful, blithe 

Anagha developed a winsome and light-hearted personality after working as a preschool teacher for 15 years. 

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