College Admission: Quick Tip #6

Quick Tip # 6 Do your research

You dream of owning your own business, so you plan on attending a school with a great business program that can provide you with essential leadership skills. Therefore, before applying check out what the school has to offer students wanting to become an entrepreneur. Not only are a variety of classes important, but does the school offer a variety of majors such as Business Administration, Economics, Business Information Management, Accounting, Marketing, and Management…just to name a few? This variety will allow you the opportunity to explore and interact with different teachers, students, and even ideas! 

Although classes are important—does the school also offer resources for hands-on training? Many universities with business programs have incubators that help students turn their entrepreneurial ideas into marketable realities. Check out the universities website to see if they offer these programs before applying.

Lastly, location. As a business owner, you can build a business anywhere! However, let’s imagine you want to start your own surf shop. Before applying, consider a school that can provide connections within the surfing community. Although, you may have always wanted to attend a university in the Midwest, if your goal is to open a surf shop you may want to think which geographical areas can provide the best opportunities for you to network and reach your goal. 

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