Word of the Week: Knead

Knead is a verb, but also can be used as a noun, kneader or an adjective, kneadable and is defined as to use the hands to mix and work something into a uniform mass. The word knead is most likely derived from the Middle English word kneden or the High German word knetan

Most people are familiar with the word knead when it comes to baking. When baking bread, kneading occurs after the water and flour are mixed together. During the mixing process gluten is formed, and the kneading technique wams and stretches the gluten strands so that the dough becomes elastic and moldable. This process can be done by hand or with a bread machine. If the dough is not kneaded properly, the bread loaf will not rise and will become heavy and dense. 

Cat owners may be familiar with this term since most cats are “professional biscuit makers”. As a sign of affection, cats will take their front paws and alternatively press them (or knead them) on a pillow, a soft blanket, or their owner! 

massage, rub 

The baker began to knead the dough by hand after the bread machine broke.

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