Personal Statements

Personal statements can include college admission essays, cover letters, and scholarship essays. However, I’m open to other editing opportunities; if you have an essay you’d like me to edit choose among these services: proofreading, copy editing, or reorganization.


When proofreading a text, I address the following:

1. Spelling mistakes (for example, spell-check doesn’t distinguish between there and their)
2. Grammatical errors
3. Errors in usage (such as principal when principle is meant)
4. Incorrect punctuation marks (such as periods outside quotation marks)

Proofreading is done after copyediting. Therefore, when proofreading, I assume sentences don’t need to be rewritten and logical inconsistencies have been corrected. However, I will provide comments, not corrections, if I find something that is obviously wrong.

For any questions refer to my FAQs

Copy editing

Copy editing concentrates on the 4 C’s: clarity, coherence, consistency & correctness and editing can range from light to heavy. During the editing process, I will read your work line by line and perform the following:

1. Ensure consistency of all mechanical errors— spelling, numbers, capitalization, names, hyphenations, etc.
2. Correct indisputable errors in grammar, syntax, and usage
3. Comment on wordy or convoluted paragraphs, may supply revisions depending on length 
4. Ask for clarification of term likely to be new to readers 
5. Comments on factual inconsistencies and any statements that seem incorrect 

During the editing process, I will note any factual inconsistences. If I can quickly search for the answer using trustworthy sources, I will include the edits within the text or comment sections. However, accuracy of the final document is the author’s responsibility. Ideally, after a text has been copyedited, it will be proofread before submission.

For any questions refer to my FAQs


Sometimes your thoughts just don’t translate onto the paper, but you have a great story that needs to be shared with the reviewer! Therefore, in reorganization, I help you organize your personal statement to develop a cohesive story. During this process, we will schedule a 45-minute consultation to discuss the story of the personal statement and review potential changes. After the consultation, you will have time to make edits and then return the document to complete a copy editing service.

For any questions refer to my FAQs

Let’s build something great together.

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