Word of the Week: Blandish

Background Blandish is a verb, but can also be used as a noun (blandishment). Defined as to act or speak in a flattering or coaxing manner, blandish has been used since the 14th century without changing meaning.  Derived from the Latin word blandus (mild, flattering). One of the earliest uses of blandish is from theContinue reading “Word of the Week: Blandish”

Word of the Week: Abstruse

BackgroundAbstruse is an adjective, but can be used as an adverb (abstrusely) or a noun (abstruseness). Meaning difficult to comprehend, abstruse was first used in Europe in the mid-1500’s. Derived from the French word abstrus, or its source, the Latin word abstrūsus (hidden, concealed), abstruse can be broken down into abs (away) + the LatinContinue reading “Word of the Week: Abstruse”