Word of the Week: Pumpernickel

Pumpernickel is a noun and defined as a dark coarse sourdough bread made of unbolted rye flour. The word pumpernickel is a Germanic word that can be broken down into words pumper+nickel. Pumper meaning “break wind” and nickel, a shortened name for Nicholas, meaning goblin or Old Nick/Satan; thus, pumpernickel can be translated as “fartingContinue reading “Word of the Week: Pumpernickel”

Word of the Week: Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine Alfredo is a noun and defined as a dish consisting of fettuccine noodles with butter, Parmesan cheese, cream, and seasonings. Although invented by Alfredo di Lelio in Rome, in the late-1800’s, today the dish isn’t commonly served or known about in Italy. In the mid-1900’s, the dish became incredibly popular among American celebrities whoContinue reading “Word of the Week: Fettuccine Alfredo”

Word of the Week: California Roll

California roll is a noun and defined as a type of sushi roll containing avocado, cucumber, and imitation crab meat wrapped by seaweed and rice. There are a lot of theories about and many chefs who claim to have invented the California roll. For example, some historians claim the inventor of the California roll isContinue reading “Word of the Week: California Roll”

Word of the Week: Margherita Pizza

Margherita pizza is a noun and defined as a typical Neapolitan pizza, made with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, salt, and extra-virgin olive oil. The pizza was first made in the late-1800’s by Italian chef Raffaele Esposito. The pizza was made to welcome the arrival of King Umberto I & Queen of Italy, Margherita ofContinue reading “Word of the Week: Margherita Pizza”

Word of the Week: Vermicelli

Vermicelli is a noun and defined as a pasta made in long solid strings smaller in diameter than spaghetti. The word was first used in Campania, Italy in 1669 by Martino da Como, the word vermicelli derives from the Italian word verme, which means worm in English. The Italian word verme comes from the LatinContinue reading “Word of the Week: Vermicelli”

Word of the Week: Granny Smith

Granny Smith is a noun and defined as a tart green apple of Australian origin. The apple was cultivated in the orchard of Maria Ann Smith in the late-1800’s. The name “Granny Smith” derives from Maria Ann Smith’s last name and her nickname “Granny,” which was given to her by her 8 children as sheContinue reading “Word of the Week: Granny Smith”

Word of the Week: Vindaloo

Vindaloo is a noun and is defined as a curried dish of Indian origin made with meat or shellfish, garlic, and wine or vinegar. Introduced by Portuguese explorers in the early-1400’s, vindaloo became a popular dish in the India region of Goa. This dish was based on the popular Portuguese dish carne de vinho eContinue reading “Word of the Week: Vindaloo”

Word of the Week: Shirley Temple

Shirley temple is a noun and is a nonalcoholic mixed drink of ginger ale and grenadine garnished with a cherry. Rumor has it, the drink was first invented in 1946 for the child actress Shirley Temple when she was visiting a restaurant in West Hollywood, California. However, in an interview in 1986, Shirley Temple admittedContinue reading “Word of the Week: Shirley Temple”

Word of the Week: Carpaccio

Carpaccio is a noun and defined as thinly sliced raw meat or fish served with a sauce such as beef or tuna carpaccio. First used in 1974, this dish was invented by Giuseppe Cipriani at the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice. The dish’s original recipe was served with beef but now includes any raw meatContinue reading “Word of the Week: Carpaccio”