Word of the Week: Dragon

The word dragon is a noun and defined as a mythical animal usually represented as a monstrous winged and scaly serpent or saurian with a crested head and enormous claws. First used in the 17th century, the term dragon derives from the Latin word draco or “serpent,” which is related to the ancient Greek termContinue reading “Word of the Week: Dragon”

Word of the Week: Cyclops

Cyclops is a noun and defined as a race of giants in Greek mythology with a single eye in the middle of the forehead. The word Cyclops derives from ancient Greek word Kyklōps, which can be broken down into kykl- or “circle” and ops or “eye,” so in English the term Cyclops translates into “CircleContinue reading “Word of the Week: Cyclops”

Word of the week: The wines series

Sangiovese is a red wine grape that originates in Italy. Today, it is the most grown red wine grape in Tuscany, but the grape originated from Southern Italy in the regions of Calabria and Sicily. The word Sangiovese derives its name from the Latin sanguis Jovis or “the blood of Jupiter’” due to its darkContinue reading “Word of the week: The wines series”

Word of the Week: Grappa

Grappa is a dry colorless brandy distilled from fermented grape pomace. Normally, served after dinner as a digestif, Grappa is made by distilling the skins, pulp, seeds, and stems from the leftovers of wine making.  The term Grappa derives from the Latin word grappapolis or bunch of grapes in English. Next time you enjoy aContinue reading “Word of the Week: Grappa”

Word of the Week: Falanghina

Falanghina is a white grape that dates back to the 7th century B.C. The grape was incredibly popular among the Romans; however, this grape became less popular overtime and was considered as dull and unflavored. Only recently, the wine has become more popular due to modernization of vineyards and wine making techniques.  The word FalanghinaContinue reading “Word of the Week: Falanghina”

Word of the Week: Franciacorta

Franciacorta is a sparkling wine from the Italian Province of Brescia in Lombardy. This type of sparkling wine is relatively new. In 1961, a winemaker named Franco Ziliani developed this sparkling wine and it quickly became a sensation throughout the region, receiving DOC status in 1967. The word Franciacorta comes from the region where theContinue reading “Word of the Week: Franciacorta”

Word of the Week: Sauvignon blanc

Sauvignon blanc is defined as a dry white wine made from the grape originally grown in Bordeaux and the Loire valley of France. Today, Sauvignon blanc is a common grape grown in the wine region of California. The vine was first brought by Charles Wetmore in the early 19th century, and the popularity of theContinue reading “Word of the Week: Sauvignon blanc”

College admission tips: Quick tip # 2

Quick Tip # 2: Answer the prompt A common mistake applicants make during the college application process is not answering the essay prompt. Applicants apply to multiple colleges and as a result, tend to reuse essays to speed up the process. However, this is a mistake. Every college application has a unique essay prompt, andContinue reading “College admission tips: Quick tip # 2”

Word of the Week: Pinot Noir

Pinot noir is defined as a dry red wine produced from the same grape as French burgundy. First grown in the Burgundy region of France, the first cultivation of the grape dates back to the 1st century AD by the Gallic tribe Aedui. Although originating in France, today, Pinot Noir is one of the mostContinue reading “Word of the Week: Pinot Noir”

College admission tips: Quick tip #1

Quick Tip #1: Make it personal  Applicants are afraid to feel vulnerable, and therefore, write generic and boring college application essays. When writing your essay, make sure the reviewer understands who you are as both an academic and an individual. Your unique personality and goals make you memorable, and therefore, makes your application stand outContinue reading “College admission tips: Quick tip #1”